INFIDEL is currently finishing writing new material to begin recording in the summer of 2017. Some material has been written with previous and founding drummer John Grden (R.I.P.) and will be released on the 2017 recording. This new material will be just as Intensely Brutal as the last album "Destruction Of Mecca" and will continue to Destroy the Naive, Sick, Barbaric Cult Ideology of the Evil Extremist, Pedophile Jihad Caliphate, Islamic Muslim Brainwashing Faith under Sharia Law, built upon a book that Rectifies a Sick Demented Perverted Pedophile as a Role Model for followers to Worship as their "God". A Religion of Pure Evil, Hatred and Total Deception.

Prepare For INFIDEL Death Metal Destruction

More info as it emerges
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