INFIDEL was originally formed in 2003 by Unholy Tim and John Grden. In 2004 Bassist Rob Keller was recruited to the band. INFIDEL recorded their first full length album entitled "Killing For Immortality" in 2006 with  Unholy Tim, John Grden and Rob Keller. In 2007 Frank Cusimano stepped into the band to help write and produce music for the 2nd album "Destruction Of Mecca" recorded at Night Sky Studios by Ron Vento and released on Butchered Records in 2008. INFIDEL played quite a bit of shows throughout the years with local acts and national acts mainly on the east coast of the U.S.

In 2013 Bassist Rob Keller stepped out of the band. INFIDEL has been since searching for a bassist to fill the spot upon his departure.

In 2015 John Grden passed of heart failure (R.I.P.) and INFIDEL took a break in his passing. Since John Grden's passing INFIDEL decided to push on and release previously written material with John Grden in Ode to the founding drummer and writer/ structural organizer.

INFIDEL's lead guitar player Frank Cusimano has since moved to playing drums to play the songs as John Grden did previously as close to John's style, speed and playing ability as possible. And recruited new lead guitarist Dustin Macklin in 2016. New material is being written and soon to be recorded.


Unholy Tim (Guitars/Vokillz)
John Grden (Drums)
Rob Keller (Bass)
Frank Cusimano (Lead Guitar/Backing Vokillz)


Unholy Tim (Guitars/Vokillz)
Frank Cusimano (Drums)
Dustin Macklin  (Lead Guitar)
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